Stone Protectors

The Stone Protectors is the main protagonists. They formerly known as the awful rock band, the Rock Detectors.


  • Cornelius - the group's leader, holds the green stone and became a samurai with an assortment of appropriate weaponry (katana, shuriken, and a pair of nunchaku made of microphones). He's the band's lead singer, but also plays guitar.
  • Chester - holds the red stone and became an expert at wrestling and received great strength. He plays bass guitar and saxophone.
  • Clifford - holds the blue stone and became a "rock climber." He is the band's drummer.
  • Angus - holds the yellow stone and became a "soldier" and an expert at turning mundane objects into weapons. He plays keyboard. Angus ostensibly built up the Protectors' bizarre attack vehicles from things like barbecues and lawnmowers.
  • Maxwell - holds the orange stone and became an "accelerator" with in-line skates. He plays guitar.